Carnival Buttons

Carnival Buttons have been produced every year since 1960.

In March 1960 over 50 organizations and businesses held a meeting which was one of the largest and most comprehensive in the city's history. The topic of this meeting was the possibility of hosting a winter carnival and those attending gave their full support. The result was our first annual Winter Carnival held January 27 to February 5th, 1961 (Carnival as we know it now).

Paul Novakowski of Gold Leaf Imprinters was approached by George Melvin (the founding Chairman of the Vernon Winter Carnival) and asked if it would be possible to have a button produced for the event. For the first winter (1960) a ribbon was produced but in 1961 the Carnival button saga began. 3,000 buttons were produced. Paul charged the Carnival 13.5 cents per button, and each sold to the public for a quarter.

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