Downtown Vernon Gold Rush

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Admission Price CA$10.00 + GST
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Sponsored by Downtown Vernon Association
Date Friday, February 5, 2021 at 12:00am -
Sunday, February 14, 2021 at 12:00am
Duration 9d

In conjunction with the Vernon Winter Carnival, The Downtown Vernon Association is hosting GOLD RUSH, an epic scavenger hunt! **Your initial entry ticket is now available for $10 at the carnivals office**. It will offer you the 1st clue. Then starting on Feb. 5th, you can pick up the entire CLUE PACKAGE, with the remaining questions by showing your ticket (or drop by on Feb. 5/6 etc). We are pleased to be working with NOYFSS, offering financial support from this contest.

Take a photo (or type out) the answers and send them to [email protected] All correct answers will be collected and a random draw will choose the winner. Please have your answers into us by Feb. 17th.

Get ready to scour Downtown Vernon for the answers! It may take some thought (and assistance). Gather your parents, grandparents and Google. PLUS, you will need to actually walk to some of these clues to see the answer. Be done by Feb. 17th!! ARE YOU READY?! Win epic prizes from numerous downtown businesses (some mentioned as 'Co-Hosts here). Feel free to 'share' this post and get ready for The Gold Rush! GOOD LUCK.

Location Downtown Vernon

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