2019 School Poster Contest Winners

Thank you to our very generous sponsors Vernon Teach and Learn and Armstrong Regional Co-op!

And thank you to all the schools, teachers and students who participated! Great job everyone!


Wesley 3rd - Coldstream Elementary

Grady 2nd - Coldstream Elementary

Olivia 1st - Coldstream Elementary

Grade 1

Gainna 3rd - Coldstream Elementary

Isla 2nd - Coldstream Elementary

Danica 1st - Coldstream Elementary

Grade 2

Zachary 3rd - Coldstream

Asher Arding 2nd - Okanagan Landing

Gabe 1st - St James

Grade 3

Emma Beckett 3rd - Coldstream

Sawyer 2nd - Coldstream Elementary

Abe Theissen 1st - Coldstream

Grade 4

Lena Hourd 3rd - BX Elementary

Maddi 2nd - St James

Artar 1st - BX Elementary

Grade 5

Chantal Tissot 3rd - Bearisto

Mason 2nd - Coldstream Elementary

Amy Connor 1st - BX Elementary

Grade 6

Addi Bishop 3rd - Coldstream Elementary

Hannah 2nd - St James

Autumn 1st - St James

Grade 7

Olivia 3rd - Okanagan Landing

Justin Li 2nd - Mission Hill

Meili 1st - Lavington Elementary

2019 Queen Silver Star Excellence Program

Queen Silver Star LIX - Hayley Rakos

Princess Silver Star LIX - Madison Barrett

Royalty 2019
Queen and Princess Silver Star LIX

All Candidates in the QSSEP have the opportunity to receive scholarships. $10,000 was awarded in scholarships to the candidates for various skills. Congratulations to all the 2018/2019 candidates on a job well done.

Talent Third – Kylee Murphy

Talent Second – Madison Barrett

Talent First – Cadence Taron

Speech – Madison Barrett

Fundraising – Hayley Rakos

Knowledge – Madison Barrett

Spirit Award – Piper Cahoon

Essay – Kylee Murphy

Moxie – Morgan Graham

Flourish – Celina Galbraith

Miss Congeniality – Madison Barrett

2019 Jopo Raffle Winners

1st Prize - $3,000 Travel Voucher Uniglobe Travel

Winner Ticket No. 1670: Pat Watson

2nd Prize: Family Photography Package

Donated by Image Studios

Winner Ticket No. 1649: Brandon Thacker

3rd Prize: Gift Certificate to Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery

Winner Ticket No. 1467: Mary & Peter Andersen

4th Prize: Season Tickets to the Vipers 2019/2020 Season

Donated by: The Vernon Vipers

Winner Ticket No. 2432: Mary Andrew

BC Snow Sculpture Competition

Emde 8166
The White Spades "Mutiny" - First Place

1st Place

The White Spades

Brian Rouble - Mahina Rose - Aidan Spark


Ye scurvy Jolly Roger, it's time to walk the plank. The inflations over-reaching, there's no money in the bank. Ye stole it all believin' it was what ye deserve, through income taxes, stock market crashes and fractional reserve. We endured yer persecutions of many different kinds, from the genocide of innocence to the prison of our minds. Ye fought yer wars with my blood, turned me against my brother, scorched the earth, spoiled the sea, abused our one true mother.

But our hearts won't be drawn asunder, we reach for the dawn. When mornin' breaks, that glorious day, all thought of ye be gone.

Emde 8150
The Three Amigos 2nd Place

2nd Place

The Three Amigos

Alex Avelino - Carter Balzer - Sergio Santos

"Release the Kraken!!"

Wild limbs...Flailing, reaching, grasping

The great monster of the deep pushed off from the grime of the sea floor.

It hungers for the entrancing surface above.

You need only speak its name and it will come. Kraken.

Emde 8163
Metalheads - 3rd Place

3rd Place


Shayna Storehouse - Lindsey Van Pelt - Steve Best

"Treasures Below"

Nature reclaiming pirate’s bounty.

Best Decorated Winners 2019

Interior Decoration
1st - Royal Bank Main
2nd - Capri CMW Polson Mall

1st - Royal Bank Main
2nd - Butcher Boys

Window Display
1st - Vision Travel
2nd - Cheek to Cheek

Window Painting - Non Professional
1st - Nixon Wenger
2nd - Little Miracles Daycare

Window Painting - Professional
1st - Royal Bank Main

1st - Royal Bank Main
Runner Up - Butcher Boys

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Chili Cook Off Winners

Judge's Choice: The Fig
Team Spirit: Station BBQ
People's Choice: Station BBQ

Station BBQ won both People’s Choice (106 votes) and Team Spirit (151 votes) Awards and The Fig won over the judges with the Judge’s Choice Award. An honourable mention goes to Eatology who garnered 122 votes for the Team Spirit Award. Nine businesses put their best recipes on the table: Little Tex, Station BBQ, Ratio, Eatology, The Kal, Marten Brewpub, Naked Pig, The Arcadian Kitchen and The Fig.

The judge panel was Akbal Mund (City of Vernon), Susan Lehman (DVA), Keli Westgate (Spa Hills Compost), Shannon Horton (CDAC), Melanie O’Hara (107.5 Beach Radio), Dr. Steve Piper (Monashee Health Collective), Dina Mostat (DVA) and Dudley Coulter (DVA).

Rockin Horse
Battle of the Bands 2019 Winner

Battle of the Bands

Sponsored by the Mental Health Family Support Centre, the second annual Battle of the Bands saw five bands hit the stage at The Green Pub. At the end of the night, the audience chose Rocking Horse as their favorite band.

Carnival Award Winners 2019

New Event

Winner – Pirates and Parrots Buffet & Bash
1st Runner Up – A Night in Ukraine

Adult Event

Winner – Davy Jones Rocker - MACE
1st Runner Up – Pirates and Parrots Buffet & Bas

Family Event

Winner - A Night in Ukraine
1st Runner Up – Valley First Treasure Hunt

Junior Event

Winner – Family Pirate Party

1st Runner Up – Storytelling – ORL

Senior Event

Winner – Winter Breakout

1st Runner Up – Feather Fanciers

Outdoor Event

Winner – Polar Bear Swim 1st Runner Up – Restaurant Olympics

Carnival Copy of the Year – John Fawcett

jopo/jopette of The Year – Toshie Okada

Christel Cam Memorial Award - Best Parade Spirit

Filipino Association of Vernon

Carnival Spirit Award – Valley First

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