Jopo and Jopette

Jopo Jopette

The "Spirit of Carnival"

"Jopo" the Jester's role in the life of Carnival is to symbolize the happy spirit of Carnival. "Jopo" first appeared in 1965 as a brainchild of Mrs. John Maynard who thought Vernon should have a character to identify our Winter Carnival. She designed the costume and Bill Allum (along with his wife Lorraine) emerged as the first "Jopos". Mary Huggins helped by creating the facial make-up. At this time (1965) the Jester did not have a name and a contest was launched.

The winning entry was submitted by 12 year old Tina Wunderli, who won $25 for her efforts.

The demands on "Jopo" were great and carnival officials came up with more identical "Jopos". In the late 60's acrobatic dance Karen Smith entertained at the Queen Silver Star Proclamation as the first "Jopette".

In 1971 a "Jopo" committee was formed as the demands on their time grew. 9 "Jopos" and 3 "Jopettes" were used at this time and these Jesters continue to be an integral part of Carnival.

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