Online Auction

Online Auction 2019

Vernon Winter Carnival is proud to present the 2nd annual Winter Carnival Online Auction!

Auction dates Feb 4-8, 2018

Check out the amazing items you could bid on! All in support of the Vernon Winter Carnival Society - Fostering Community Spirit!

Bidding starts on Facebook Feb 4th! Be sure to join the event to make your bid! Click here to join!

Auction starts at 9am on Feb 4 and runs until 4pm on Feb 8!

How to bid:
Write your bid in the comments on the photo of the item you're bidding on.
The highest bid at 4pm on Friday Feb 8th will win that item!

All proceeds will go back into Vernon Winter Carnival! Helping us to create more fun, exciting community events for next year!

Stay tuned for item announcements from our amazing sponsors!

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