Carnival Themes

Vernon Winter Carnival started adding a theme to the Carnival in 1985. Since then the theme has been an important part of the 10 festival! The theme is chosen by a committee who take in all suggestions from the community! 

Tell us your suggestions by emailing [email protected] 

Past Themes 

1985 Colour it Silver 

1986 Carnival Around the World
1987 Summer in February 
1988 Carnival of Music 
1989 Carnival of the Future 
1990 Carnival of Fantasies and Fairytales 
1991 Carnival of the Silver Screen 
1992 Salute to Vernon’s Century 
1993 Carnival of Cartoons 
1994 Country Carnival 
1995 Carnival of Nations 
1996 Carnival Under the Big Top 
1997 Carnival of Toys and Games 
1998 Carnival of the Sea 
1999 Carnival Of the Jungle 
2000 Carnival Of the Decades 
2001...a Space Carnival 
2002 Carnival Of the Klondike 
2003 Carnival Of Celebrations 
2004 Carnival of Medieval Merriment 
2005 Carnival Celebrates the Orient 
2006 Carnival of the Roaring 20’s 
2007 Carnival on Broadway 
2008 Carnival in the Sky 
2009 Dancing with Carnival 
2010 50th Anniversary Carnival 
2011 Cooking with Carnival 
2012 Sporting with Carnival 
2013 Prehistoric Carnival 
2014 Carnival Of Superheroes 
2015 Carnival Of Rock n Roll 
2016 Mardi Gras Carnival 
2017 Carnival Celebrates Canada 150 
2018 Carnival in Wonderland