Jessie Ferguson Award

Jessie Ferguson Award

Annually the Vernon Winter Carnival Society presents prestigious awards to well deserving recipients who have been instrumental in the growth of Carnival. The Jessie Ferguson Memorial Trophy is presented to a person or group in the community who has shown years of dedication to Carnival through support of events and/or volunteerism.

This Award was originally called the Chairman’s Trophy and was renamed in honour of Jessie Ferguson probably after her death in 1977 or before Carnival in 1978 (exact year unknown). Jessie and her husband, James, immigrated to Canada in 1927, moving to Vernon in 1947. She was one of the most active senior citizens in the community and was involved in at least 8 different volunteer organizations. She had, among other activities, put in more than 3,000 hours as a Cherry Red volunteer worker at Vernon Jubilee Hospital, served as president of the Canadian Legion Auxiliary and worked as a blood donor clinic volunteer. She was named Good Citizen for 1973. Jessie passed away August 15, 1977 10 days after her 80th birthday. At her funeral, Carnival was represented by the Chairman, Bob Adshead, and Jopo.

Jessie Ferguson Memorial Trophy Recipients:

1967 Snowflake Presentation       1993 Carnival Cops 

1968 Terry Gower*                        1994 Bert Niehaus

1969 G. Preston                            1995 Jim Bailey

1970 J. Hutchinson                       1996 Ed Forslund

1971 Jock Henniker                      1997 Carl Rigby                     

1972 Wayne Hickson                     1998 Sid Baker *

1973 Sis Arthur                              1999 VJH Hospital Auxillary

1974 Doreen Brown                       2000

1975 Sue Nolan                              2001 Heather Rawsthorne

1976  Isabel Medynski                    2002  

1977                                               2003 Christel Cam*

1978 Dick File                                2004 Brenda Fletcher

1979  Ed Elegel *                           2005 Sharon MacKenzie

1980 Bob Ingersol                         2006 Coldstream Women’s Institue

1981 Stella Andrew*                     2007 Brad Albrecht

1982 Ken Little*                           2008 Herb Lee

1983 Lil-Ken Nishor *                   2009 Mary Anderson

1984 Colleen Vollan                     2010 Debbie Antony

1985 Audrey King                         2011 Calvin Hoy

1986 Patrick Nicol*                       2012 Bob Findley

1987 Jack Koch                            2013   Margaret Hogan 

1988 Al Skaley *                            2014   June Rigby

1989 Jim Alverberg                      2015   Coleen Noel 

1990 Ken Nistor                            2016   Joy Stafford

1991 George Zimmerman             2017   Ron Morgan
1992 Claire Hart