Carnival Traditions

Vernon Winter Carnival Traditions

Carnival Themes

Vernon Winter Carnival started adding a theme to the Carnival in 1985. Since then the theme has been an important part of the 10 festival! The theme is chosen by a committee who take in all suggestions from the community!

Tell us your suggestions by emailing [email protected]

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Since 1961 the Carnival button has been an important tradition of our festival! Each year a new button is printed and sold to the community. Your button represents your Carnival spirit and keeps you safe from being arrested by the Carnival Cops!

Many longtime residents of Vernon have complete collections and sport their buttons during the 10 days of Vernon Winter Carnival.

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The Queen Silver Star program was started in 1961 as a way to promote Silver Star Mountain, and Vernon Winter Carnival in both of their first years. Originally the event began as a Beauty Pageant, showcasing the talents of young women in the Vernon Area. Carnival always kicked off with the crowning of the new Queen and Princess Silver Star, traditionally the coronation happened at the Ice Palace. Eventually the program evolved into the Queen Silver Excellence Program, giving young women the chance to learn, develop and enhance existing and new skills, gain volunteer hours and obtain scholarships.

Learn more about the history of Queen Silver Star here

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